SERvice, Plan, & pricing

Membership Plan

Indigo Health M.D. values relationships with our patients.  We believe stronger relationships result in better outcomes.  At Indigo Health M.D., there are no copays or penalties for visting us.  The price of membership includes unlimited visits as deemed necessary by the patient.

The cost for the membership ranges between $1980 and $2,600 per year plus tax.  The membership price varies according to age and patient complexity.  The membership cost will be divided by 12 months in order to be billed monthly.  For example, a membership costing $2100 per year will be billed at $175 monthly.

The membership includes direct and personalized care from Dr. Bhalla. Our patients receive proactive care in which Eastern and Western principles guide decision making. Additionally, we conduct an annual physical examination and yearly lab work

For services outside of Indigo Health M.D., the patient is able to use their insurance for services such as lab work, imaging studies, specialty tests, and consultations with specialists.  For example if you need an x-ray or mammogram, the imaging center providing the service will bill your insurance for their services. Similiarly, if you see a specialist, the specialist such as a cardiologist will bill your insurance for their services.


Lab Testing

Complete Blood count with Differential

This screening test provides information regarding the state of the red blood cells, white blood cells, the immune system, and blood clotting system.  Additionally, it evaluates for allergic reactions, and most importantly for anemia, a common cause of fatigue.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

This panel reveals electrolyte balance, as well as information on the body's acid-base status, and most importantly provides kidney, liver, and gallbladder assessment, especially for those taking pharmaceuticals.

Cholesterol Testing

This test targets the "good" versus "bad" cholesterol. Dr. Bhalla shares much insight on the treatment of cholesterol.

Thyroid Screening

Many people complain of fatigue. Causes for fatigue are highly variable, but a common factor may be hypothyroidism. This yearly screening test maximizes proactive surveillance of the thyroid.


As the amount of sugar and and processing within our foods continues to soar in our society, so does the alarming rise of diabetes and the inflammatory state of our bodies.  We provide screening for diabetes as a routine, yearly lab.  This then sets the stage for active discussions and treatment plans around the issues of sugar, diet, and inflammation.

Vitamin D Testing

Given the demands of our personal lives and jobs, most people do not make it out into the glorious sunlight - the very creator of our life on earth. As a consequence, many people are Vitamin D deficient. Dr. Bhalla screens for Vitamin D yearly, as this is a common contributor for depression and fatigue, among a host of other issues.

Inflammation screening

Inflammation within the body is a growing concern for those eating the typical western diet.  We are now seeing the effects of inflammation on the heart and other vital organs as well as the relationship with autoimmune disease.  We provide lab screening, significant discussion, and treatment plans aimed to improve the patient's health and longevity.



This list of labs is quite comprehensive for screening purposes, but it is not entirely exhaustive. Other labs may follow. Some will be general labs, while some are regarded as specialty labs.  Generally, insurance covers a wide array of labs, but some specialty labs many not be covered at all.

Dr. Bhalla follows a cardinal rule: If the testing is not likely to significantly enhance the patient's outcome, then it is generally deemed unnecessary. Dr. Bhalla orders only what is needed and has little desire to waste patients' money and time for unnecessary studies. 

In-House Testing

Cardiac Testing

Continuous cardiac (EKG/ECG) monitoring is performed based on specific cardiac history and symptoms. This screening test may be performed on patients with stable coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and various arrhythmias.  The test costs $125. However, in the membership plan, if the patient has a history of heart disease, we will perform a baseline test at the first or second visit free of charge. 

Pulmonary function testing

In-house pulmonary function testing is also available to evaluate the lungs for certain conditions such as asthma and COPD. This test is administered in response to certain signs and symptoms related to lung problems. Pulmonary function tests cost $55.  However, in the membership plan, if the patient has a history of asthma or COPD, we will perform a baseline pulmonary function study at the first or second visit free of charge.