Meet Dr. Bhalla


Dr. Karam Sonu Bhalla


Internal Medicine & Anesthesiology

Undergraduate study:  Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Medical School:  University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN

Residency Training:  Internal Medicine at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Anesthesiology at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM


Board-certified in internal medicine

Board-certified in anesthesiology


Anesthesiologist at Presbyterian Hospital, Kaseman Hospital, Rust Medical Center, Presbyterian Gastroenterology Lab, Presbyterian Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology Lab, Presbyterian Interventional Radiology Lab       

Internist at ABQ Health Partners, Davita Medical Group, Lovelace Medical Center

Medical Director at Genesis Health Care.  

The really important thing is not to live, but live well
…and to live well means the same thing as to live rightly.


Dr. Bhalla's transformation
to a more holistic approach

Dr. Bhalla was born in India and raised in the United States, giving him a wonderful sense of East meets West. Influenced by the best of both cultures, particularly regarding wellness and healing, Dr. Bhalla has always considered Mother Nature the only true doctor and Supreme Healer.

He recalled how growing up, he witnessed the use of various herbs and spices for common illnesses, based on Indian healing tradition.

Immersed in studying conventional Western medicine, Dr. Bhalla began feeling conflicted over the apparent "frowning upon" natural healing in favor of technology and pharmaceuticals. He felt deeply disturbed upon realizing that modern medicine had seemingly cast aside Mother Nature for pills and technological interventions.

While working in various clinics around Albuquerque, Dr. Bhalla began developing his principles of medicine that balanced Western medicine with Eastern philosophies. He gives appropriate respect to modern practice in terms of pharmaceutical approaches when necessary.  However, his goal has been to expand the consciousness of what it means to provide medicine in our community by supporting healing principles from the East.


Patients Demand More Out of Conventional Medicine

In the 21st century, patients have become more globally aware and are insisting on alternative natural approaches. Many do not feel comfortable taking volumes of pills or being pricked and prodded, instead seeking meaningful discussions about all possible ways, including natural techniques, to deal with their sicknesses. 

Many people have been on medications for decades. These patients may be seeking to get off at least some of their pills through the application of a more holistic approach in their lives. Dr. Bhalla works closely with patients giving them comprehensive options through developing a personal understanding of their lives and situations.  

Discerning patients' desires and levels of comfort, Dr. B begins addressing their health using both conventional and Eastern therapeutics. He often says that successful melding of Western and Eastern methods begins with respecting both for their virtues, within the context of the patient's life and his or her individual needs.